August 6, 2017

Developing black and white films.

This is mainly a short journey with my last few BW films.

Since I moved recently, a few of my films kept waiting to developed in my cupboard. My exams are over now and I finally found some time to develop.
I had four films that need to be developed: Three AGFA APX 100 and one Illford PANF 50
I used ID-11 stock for the first two APX 100, and 1+1 for the last two. If you want to know more about developing your own film, google it. There are plenty of good tutorials concerning that subject. I personally like to use the "Dev it!" app on my phone for the timing
The times for developing can be found in these two datasheets:
APX 100

After a few hours of scanning with my plustek OpticFilm 7500i I can present you with my favorite ones:

One can see, that in some cases the contrast is quite flat. These images are the original ID-11 films. 1+1 created the best results with the APX-100. Sadly the PANF-50 was overdeveloped. Maybe next time it will work properly!

All images are in their original form with just a few Lightroom tweakings.