December 18, 2017

Visiting "Sächsische Schweiz"

The most gorgeous place in eastern Germany

Early this year I took a trip to the "Zwillingsstiege" in the conservation area next to the border to Poland and the Czech Republic. On the way to the top, I took my trusty Contax with me. Here are some of the results:

I then experimented a little with the settings of my Scanner. On the left you can see a RAW 64 Bit + 16 Bit IR scan.
On the right you can see a 48 Bit scan with the according colour profile provided by the scanner

The whole trip was during the early spring time. Most of the trees did not develop their trees yet, but we were able to see some of the first flowers that day.
If you want to visit these beautiful landscapes, I highly recommend you to go on a walk there. This website is a gem for tours:, as long as you can speak a little German...